40 Reasons Why America Will Fall To Socialism

This post will give 40 reasons why America will soon fall to socialism. It will show how America has already adopted a great many socialist beliefs, and how she is teetering on the edge of a socialist reform. It will probably offend many people, since most socialists are just like many professing Christians, in that they are largely ignorant of the foundational views of their religion.

1. One of the main tenets of liberalism/socialism is the rejection of “arbitrary authority”, and it basically promotes “anti-authority”. Therefore, every facet of socialist ideology is anti-God ideology. While many socialist viewpoints may be made to appear good and well-meaning, they are all meant to be attacks against God as it violently rejects Biblical authority. At its core values, socialism is a political religion designed to dethrone God. Most Americans, including most professing Christians, have already dethroned God from their personal lives. (See also- The Updated “Love Jesus As Savior, But Deny Him As Lord” Christianity)

2. Socialism promotes atheism and anti-theism as a method of controlling people. If a person doesn’t believe in God, and follow His guidelines for their life, they will adopt situational ethics, and be more easy to manipulate. Situational ethics has already been instilled in the majority of Americans. (See also- The Real Reason For Mass Shootings)

3. Socialism is a religious cult which seeks to undermine the authority of God, and assault Christians and Jews. Without godly people to offer moral guidance, society can easily be led into socialism’s anti-God ideology. Americans no longer look to godly people for guidance, because society tells us they are close-minded and bigoted. We look to “experts” to lead us.

4. In America, socialist ideology supports a “living Constitution” which can be reinterpreted for modern times. While our Constitution was designed under Biblical laws, these “reinterpretations” under socialism always directly contradict Biblical teachings. Since most Americans no longer follow Biblical counseling, these reinterpretations become easily acceptable.

5. In America, socialists already control most of the media, which controls what you are told about current, past, and future events They most likely have control over the operating system your computer uses, and over the search engine you use, which gives higher rankings to sites which promote socialist ideology. In other words, they have the ability to brainwash Americans from every direction. (See also- I Know It’s True, I Heard It On CNN (part 2)).

6. Socialism strongly promotes a taxpayer-funded public education system. With America steadily falling behind the rest of the world intellectually, and government-schooled young people increasingly embracing socialism, it is easy to see that our educational system has become little more than indoctrination camps for socialism. And socialism opposes all parental rights in their children’s education. Americans already understand this and continue sending their children to these POW camps.

7. While socialism seeks to deny the existence of God, it worships mankind and its efforts. This plays on mankind’s desire to exalt himself. Self-pride is a powerful bait, and Americans love it.

8. While socialists grasp for power, at any cost, socialism generally seeks to change society through slow reform rather than through revolution. This is basically the only real difference between socialism and communism, even though we are constantly told they are different, and all communist governments call themselves socialist. While Americans might readily stand against an oppressive uprising, they cower before peer pressure. It’s basically a crime to “offend” anyone.

9. Whereas capitalism believes in a free market and mostly turns economics over to society, socialism is a government form centered around economics. The primary aim of socialism is the centralization of markets, all under government control. Again, it has everything to do with controlling the population. Americans are largely ignorant about how the economy works.

10. Socialism seeks to abolish ownership of private property. Because of increasingly high property taxes, most Americans readily admit that the state governments are the true owner of all real estate.

11. Socialism pushes for “affirmative action” as a means of demonizing successful people. Socialism directly attacks the Biblical commands to work for what we get and reap the rewards of our own labor (2 Thessalonians 3:10; Genesis 3:19; Proverbs 6:6-7). The socialist media, and particularly the socialist politicians, are continually drumming it into our heads that we are being oppressed by the wealthy. (See also- Self-Victimization, A Sign Of The End-Times)

12. Socialism is always an offer to share the financial accumulation of others. Americans have a great desire to get something for nothing, or at least not at their own expense.

13. Socialism provides no incentive to be productive. Under socialism, all citizens (all who are not in power) share equally in output, regardless of input. Most Americans already have no desire to be productive.

14. For a great many Americans, the path of least resistance is the path most desired. Socialism is a cradle-to-grave offer of provision, in which the government is the arbitrator of all problems.

15. Socialism always comes to power by delivering services which make the citizens dependent upon the government. Most American politicians have come to power by simply promising these services.

16. Socialism is a “cash for clunkers” program that rescues those in poverty by bringing down the other 90% of citizens to their level. Remember this when you are living in what would now be called “poverty level”, and ask yourself why you, and every other American, didn’t do something about it while you still could.

17. Socialism is basically an offer to trade freedom for a mess of pottage. Materialism is the god of socialism. Most Americans love materialism more than they love freedom.

18. Socialism always fails when the input falls below the output, which it always does when there is no incentive to be productive. In America, today, there is much wealth to redistribute, but you cannot redistribute wealth when there is no more wealth to steal.

19. Socialism does not, in truth, redistribute wealth. Socialism takes wealth from its citizens, and hands out whatever it wants, according to the wishes of the politicians in power. America has already developed an apathetic acceptance of whatever the government does.

20. There is always, in some people, a lust for power, and the desire to conquer or maintain control over others. Under socialism, the government is the arbitrator of all problems, which gives government officials far greater control over the population, than in a free society. America already has a great many politicians with this lust for power and control.

21. Socialism always evolves into a two-class society, Under socialism, there is no hope for economic advancement outside of holding a government office. This fact always invites corruption and leads to “public servants” bestowing upon themselves a higher level of living. This fact is already firmly planted in America.

22. Socialists will always give up freedom to gain control. Not just all your freedoms and rights, but theirs also. Everyone has that lust for power, to a certain degree.

23. Socialists promote the protection of our environment, but only as a direct means of controlling people’s lives. Every push for any form of environmental protection, by socialists, will seek to take away rights and privileges, and force people to follow some agenda. Americans will do whatever they are told. (See also- The Ice Age, Global Warming, Climate Change, And The Antichrist)

24. Socialism opposes a foreign policy of continuous intervention, supports disarmament treaties, fights for open borders, and promotes a host of other views, all done in an effort to create a “one world government”. Most Americans have already been sold on the supposed benefits of these views.

25. Socialists support gun-control laws. More specifically, socialism seeks to ban all forms of self-preservation. Its intent is to remove a person’s means for self-defense and to outlaw any form of self-sufficiency, which the Bible promotes (1 Timothy 5:8; Genesis 30:30; 2 Corinthians 12:14; Mark 3:27; Psalm 82:4). This is actually a major part of the push for globalism, and the grasp for control of everyone. You can’t have total control over someone who has the ability to defend themselves. (See also- Why Socialists want To Ban Assault Weapons)

26. Socialist ideology promotes abortion of unborn children, and even the outright murder of babies that don’t get destroyed before birth. Not only is this an attack on the Biblical teaching of the sanctity of life, it is an exercise of total control over people, and a display of the value they place on other people. The continued silence of Americans, concerning these murders, only fuels socialist aggression. (See also- Abortion- Justifiable Homicide)

27. Socialist ideology pushes for abolishing the death penalty for convicted murderers, along with their rehabilitation and reintroduction into society. While this may appear to be an act of compassion, the ideological push for the murder of unborn children proves the hypocrisy. Again, Americans prefer to be silent.

28. Socialist ideology promotes same-sex marriages, and other “alternative” lifestyles. Socialists also support obscenity and pornography as freedom of speech. More specifically, socialism seeks to condone every type of sexual perversion which the Bible condemns. The socialist media has already pretty much convinced Americans to excuse perversion.

29. The socialist view of gender equality, done as a show of self-righteousness, seeks partly to underscore same-sex perversion, but also attacks the Biblical teaching that the man is to be over the woman for her protection, support, and guidance (1 Peter 3:1-7; Ephesians 5:21-33; 1 Corinthians 11:3). Just try to argue this Biblical teaching in America. (See also- The Deceitful War On Sexism)

30. Karl Marx listed 10 steps needed to transform a free enterprise system into a socialist/communist system with an omnipotent government. The first is abolition of private property. As mentioned earlier, inflicting high state property taxes on people proves they do not truly own what is theirs. Add to this, the fact that the federal and state governments already own approximately one third of all real estate in America.

31. The second step, listed by Marx, is a progressive income tax, intended to discourage wealth. The federal government already has this well under control.

32. The third step is the abolition of all rights of inheritance. Presently, inheritance is taxed heavily by the federal government through estate tax. We are only a short step away from government seizure.

33. The fourth step, of Marx, is confiscation of property from “rebels”. Though not enforced broadly, the federal government has a number of methods of taking what they want from who they want.

34. The fifth step, is the centralization of all credit in the hands of the state. Our banks are already regulated by the Federal Reserve.

35. The sixth step is the centralization of all means of communication. Though not owned and operated by the government, the federal government already licenses and regulates pretty much all the media.

36. The seventh step is the control of factories and production by the government. Too many Bureaus to list here. They have to power to take control of, or put out of business, any company in America.

37. The eighth step of Marx is the liability of all people to labor. While socialist politicians now love to hand out “lazy checks”, as a means of buying votes, history proves that this will all change when they come to full power.

38. The ninth step is the combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country. At present, this is accomplished by the various bureaus of the federal government, and by the federal government continually taking power from state governments.

39. The tenth step of Karl Marx is free government education for all children. Already mentioned is how government schools have become little more than indoctrination camps for socialism. Add to this, private schools are also regulated by the federal government.

40. Prophecy suggests that all major world powers must fall to socialism/communism in order for the Antichrist to rise to world power under a global government (see- 10 Reasons Why The Antichrist Will Be A Socialist).

But, God offers a glimmer of hope- “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

If America would turn back to God. But, I don’t see that happening.(See- America’s Fall In Prophecy)