The Food Shortages Coming to America

In the posts America’s Fall In Prophecy, and America’s Prophesied Famine- Coming Soon, I showed how the Biblical prophecy of Leviticus 26:26 will soon come to pass. This post will explain how it may come about.

If Biden wins the election– If Biden wins, Democrats will continue with their promised plan to repeal Trump’s tax reforms, and with their promised massive increases in taxes. This will hobble America’s economy far beyond the harm they have already caused. This will harm, not only the food industry, but the great many businesses that provide products necessary for the food industry to even operate.

While Trump created the lowest unemployment rate we’ve had in over half a century, the Democrats will again begin exporting jobs to China. This will further stress the economy, which further stresses the food industry.

The Green New Deal, or its latter revision, will create an agricultural collapse, by throwing it back into 19th century practices. While the US might still be able to sustain itself (at greatly inflated prices), history shows that socialist/communist tyrants always try to grow insanely rich by exporting vast quantities of the nation’s production.

Food shortages are often used as a tool of oppression by socialism/communism to suppress resistance and ensure compliance from the people. It is also, frequently, one of the results of the failure of socialism.

And, we should never forget that on March 16, 2012, Obama’s Executive Order 13603 gave permission to the Executive branch of the Federal government to seize whatever private food supplies (or other private property) they deem necessary, in whatever volume, from whoever they desire to steal food from (corporate or private). It also gives the Federal government the legal authority to force any person into slavery.

If Trump wins the election– In the progressive war on America by the socialists, they will be seething with revenge. They will use food shortages for revenge and abuse, and as an attack on Trump. We can clearly see the beginning of this socialist famine, in their manic shutting down of America’s economy. It will get much, much worse.

Democrat governors will order mandatory testing for Covid-19 in order to create an abundance of “cases”. This will give them a false excuse to shut down, not only non-essential businesses, but even essential businesses like the food industry. It is only for revenge and control.

They will condone the “mostly peaceful protests” which will cause grocery stores to be looted, and make it unsafe for food products to be delivered into the cities. They could also stop interstate traffic to prevent the delivery of food and other essentials. Remember, they have already clearly, and boldly, violated our constitutional rights and freedoms. There is little that they cannot do in revenge.