Covid-19 is a Trial Run. Take Advantage of It.

It has become clear to anyone, with half an eye open, that the Covid-19 pandemic is a trial run for something more oppressive. Many Christians believe the progressive oppression by power-grabbing politicians is a prelude to the subjugation and persecution by the Antichrist and his beast-kingdom. At the very least, it is clear that corrupt politicians are testing how far they can go, and how much they can get away with. We should, in every way possible, use these milder acts of tyranny as our own test run.

In the end-times persecution by the Antichrist, people will be restricted and controlled in how they are allowed to buy food. People will not be allowed to buy food unless they proclaim allegiance to the Antichrist, and receive the mark of the beast. Dictators, in most tyrannical grasps for power and control, also use the availability of food (as well as utilities and health-care) as a weapon against any who oppose them. We should, therefore, use the coronavirus oppression as a test to see how to adapt and survive.

We should never simply accept the controlling demands of politicians, and unquestionably comply with all requirements. We should, rather, test to see how it is possible to oppose and deny those demands, and seek ways to circumvent their authoritarian actions.

If most businesses require you to wear a mask, seek ways to get the same services without following this requirement. What types of businesses fall outside the scope of these requirements? What types of businesses ignore, or rebel against, government oppression? If your accessibility to food depended on evading tyranny, how could you survive?

How far can you go, in living a normal life, without submitting to government oppression? Where can you go? What can you do, and what should you avoid, to continue life as normal? Test it.

On the other hand, what can you do to prevent drawing attention to yourself, to the corona-Karens and Covid gestapos? Pay attention to other people. What people catch your eye, concerning the coronavirus demands, and what people do you barely notice? Learn from this. Understand how to be the proverbial gray man, to slip past dictatorial demands unnoticed.

Oppressive governments always seek ways to enslave the citizens by making the people dependent upon it. What can you do to be independent and self-reliant? Don’t just run theories and fantasies through your head, but actually try it.

Covid-19 is a test run. Milk it for all it’s worth.

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