Biden’s Lock-down. What It’s Really About.

Even though lock-downs have been proven to have no effect against the spread of Covid-19, Biden plans a 6-week national shutdown. Even though the only argument for shut-downs is that it would slow the spread of the coronavirus so as not to overwhelm the medical system, and it has been proven to be an ineffective strategy, and the spread simply resumes after the shut-down, Biden still demands it. Even though the lock-downs are actually leading to more deaths than the virus, Biden plans for a mandatory, long-term, national lock-down.

But the truth is, lock-downs have absolutely nothing to do with public safety. It’s all about control. It’s about the globalist Democrats getting an iron grip on Americans. More specifically, it’s about creating food shortages that break the will of independent Americans, and make them totally dependent upon the government, thus, ensuring complete control by corrupt political leaders. (see also- The Food Shortages Coming to America)

Trump has refused to allow the little dictators to shut down essential businesses, like food producers, but Biden wants to go full-steam-ahead with the desires of globalist Democrats. Dictators always, always, always use food as a weapon to control those who oppose them. They also ration utilities and medical services, but they just can’t kill that many people with these other methods.

The actions of the Democrats, during this supposed pandemic, suggest that they really have no concern for the American people, and will kill as many people as needed to gain complete control.

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