Benefits vs Risks of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Listed below are the pros and cons, that I’ve been able to find, for getting the Covid-19 vaccination. Everything on the lists comes from various government officials, or from medical experts.

DISCLAIMER- I am not a medical expert. These lists are simply derived from searching out what medical experts and government officials keep telling us. Don’t use this information to determine whether or not to take the vaccine.


1. The Covid-19 vaccine will not eliminate the virus. In order for the vaccine to eliminate the coronavirus, it would have to be 100% effective, and be given to 100% of the population (including pets and dying people).

2. Getting the vaccine does not guarantee you won’t get the virus. It can take weeks for the vaccine to provide protection, and then, it is only up to 95% effective.

3. Any solution that is not 100% effective can do more to spread a virus than no solution at all.

4. The vaccine may remain effective for only a few months, and you won’t know when you are again at risk.

5. If you do become infected with the coronavirus after getting the vaccine, the infection will most likely be more severe.

6. If the virus mutates, the vaccine doesn’t work. If you suddenly die after getting the vaccine, you supposedly died from the mutated virus or from a vaccine breakthrough case, not the vaccine.

7. Getting the vaccine does not stop you from passing the virus on to others.

8. The vaccine will not eliminate the need for travel bans.

9. The vaccine will not eliminate the need to social distancing or handwashing.

10. Mass vaccinations will not eliminate the need for masks.

11. Mass vaccinations will not eliminate the need for lockdowns.

12. The vaccine will not eliminate the need for forced business closings.

13. The vaccine does not prevent death. Even if you take the vaccine, you can still get the virus. If you get the virus, you can still die. If the vaccine kills you, you will also die.

We were originally promised that the only way back to “normal” was a vaccine for Covid-19. Apparently they lied. The politicians are now admitting that they have no intention of allowing life to return to normal. They now openly declare that everything has permanently changed to a “new normal”, in which they are above the law.

So, why should we actually get their coronavirus vaccine? The benefits, again provided by various government officials and medical experts, are vague, but here’s the list I was able to find-


1. The vaccine is 95% effective..

2. If you take the vaccine, you will not be forbidden to travel. To some places. But, you still must be tested first.

3. The vaccine is 95% effective. Against symptoms, but maybe not against the virus.

4. You won’t kill grandma. Providing, of course, that you don’t get Covid anyway, and you still wear a mask, and social distance, and never go see her.

5. The vaccine is 95% effective. But, apparently, only in the small percentage of people who are not assymtomatic.

6. By getting the vaccine, you are “doing your part” (in submitting to their agenda).

7. The vaccine is 95% effective. Someway, somehow. They are really vague on this. They say it’s complicated.

UPDATE– Because so many people felt that there was no benefit from getting the vaccine, the CDC is now, for a limited time only, offering benefits. Suddenly (we don’t know for how long) the vaccine allows you to travel and go mask-less. So, rush in and get jabbed. Due to constant flip-flopping on issues by the medical authority, this offer could expire at any time.

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