The Democrat’s Next Step on the Border Crises

As I said a few months ago in the post The Border Crises- Democrats and the Antichrist, Democrats always follow the same pattern concerning any crises- Deny the crises, manipulate the crises, then milk it for all it’s worth. Finally, after months of steadfastly denying there is any border crises, while actively making it much worse, the Democrats have acknowledged that there is a problem, and Harris is on her way to view the problem.

This puts us in the third phase of the standard Democrat handling of a crises- milk it for all it’s worth.

They will blame everything on Trump and ICE and whoever. Funds for border security will be cut, while making a grand show of compassion by spewing money to “humanitarian” organizations that make big donations to Democrat foundations. The border crises is simply another opportunity to advance themselves in power and wealth, and promote their agenda.

The border crises will continue to get worse, but the problems will be broken down into segments, relabeled, blamed on others, and covered up by the media.

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