How to Prepare For the Great Tribulation

Three of the four major rapture views teach that Christians will go through some or all of the Great Tribulation. But, even those who believe they will be delivered before the Great Tribulation, may also face periods of intense persecution, such as is common in our world today. Even though the Great Tribulation has not begun, there are millions of Christians now suffering greatly through tribulation, which might have been greatly eased if they had been prepared. Below are some thoughts on how to prepare for the Great Tribulation and/or tribulation.


Since those who refuse the Mark of the Beast will be unable to buy food (Revelation 13:16-17), you will need to have some non-normal sources of food. Many suggest that you have a 3 ½ year supply of food, though the actual time could be considerably longer. Added to the inability to buy food, we also have to consider the global famine which will be occurring at this time (Revelation 6:5-6).

A well-fed person will eat about 4 pounds, or about ½ gallon of food per day, around 1,500 pounds a year, or about 2 ½ tons per person for 3 ½ years. While dried foods, like beans and rice, account for less weight due to water absorbed during cooking, the problems with storing that much food quickly becomes obvious. Stored food supplies would obviously have to be supplemented through other means, such as: gardening (if you are not an experienced gardener, don’t believe you can suddenly supply your family with any decent food source); hunting and fishing (sources will quickly become depleted); foraging (learn now what is edible or not); bird traps (learn now); pet stew (historically delicious); insects (here is a quick guide); etc. (learn and plan now).

Concerning the storage of food, it would be wise to store spices and seasonings. A little salt and pepper can help greatly in making bland or unappetizing food tolerable. We must also consider that conditions may force us to abandon our stored food.


Having access to clean water can be a life-or-death struggle during the time of the Great Tribulation (Revelation 8:10-11), and even for many living in the world today. While there are many emergency sources of water, most are not safe to drink. Here are the basics of emergency water purification.

First, the water must be clean. If it has floating particles, or looks cloudy, it should be filtered through some cloth, coffee filter, or such.

Next, the water should be purified. The best method is boiling. It should reach a rolling boil, and then continue to boil at least one minute. If there is no way to boil the water, it can be purified with chlorine bleach or iodine. This, however, will not make the water as safe as boiling. Add 4-6 drops of chlorine or iodine to each gallon of water.

If none of this is available, put the water in a sealed glass jar, and place in the sun for several hours. This will make the water much safer, though not pure.


This is a tough subject to address and plan for. We simply don’t know what the future holds. Historically, people subject to persecution were forced to flee from their homes. And, a person can die quickly without appropriate protection from the environment. Every backup shelter option you can obtain, or plan for, gives you one additional buffer from death by exposure.


Most of our present energy needs (for home, vehicle, etc.) fall into the categories of luxury or comfort, but a few are life-sustaining necessities. Like our shelter plans, our energy plans will be subject to a great number of possible conditions and situations, and we must plan and prepare for a number of possibilities.

We should not focus on short-term non-renewable energy sources, like batteries and candles, but should focus on long-term renewable sources. But again, if forced to abandon our homes, we would probably have to leave these behind.


One of the most common traits among tyrants, is that they make every effort possible to leave their subjects defenseless. Citizens which pose no threat to a tyrant are easily controlled, and tyrants simply don’t care about your personal safety. We should obtain, now, a few of the lesser politically-targeted options for personal protection. It may also help to learn how to make and use improvised weapons.


Survival is probably about 90% mindset, and only about 10% physical preparation. We can, and should, physically prepare for a period of persecution, but we should realize that all our preparations could disappear in an instant. Therefore, the best place to store emergency supplies is in our heads.

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