Mankind’s Final 7 Years

This book is a verse-by-verse explanation of the books of Revelation and Daniel.

This study of Revelation focuses on the 70th week of Daniel, or the final seven years before Christ returns. Chapters 1-3 are introduction and messages to the seven churches. In chapter 4, John stands before the throne of God to be given revelation of Daniel’s 70th week. The events begin to unfold in chapter 5. There will be seven seals, followed by seven trumpets, and then followed by seven bowls of God’s wrath. The 70th week is followed by the millennial reign of Jesus. After that comes judgment day and a new heaven and earth.

Since many of the prophecies of Daniel parallel those of Revelation, a verse-by-verse study of the book of Daniel follows that of Revelation. The first six chapters are mostly historical; and the last six chapters are mostly prophetical, but it helps to study the book in its entirety.

Also, since Matthew 24 is basically Revelation in a nutshell, a study of Matthew 24 is also included.

Most, or all, of the contents of this book are available, for free, on this site. But for those who find an e-book more convenient, it can be bought here for 99 cents. If you want a print version, for yourself or others, you can buy it here for $4.99.